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National Codification Bureau NCAGE Code Codification data Contact

Pursuant to the Codification Contract Clause - CCC (see Annex A to STANAG 4177) or, if necessary, special instructions in each contract between the Armed Forces of the procuring country and a manufacturer, the manufacturer is responsible for furnishing to the NCB of the producing country technical and/or identification data covering the items procured.

Romanian national specification on codification data are covered by HG no. 445/10.04.2003, approving the Norms regarding the organization and execution of the codification of Items of Supply.

Codification Contract Clause - CCC is the clause included in the procurement contract whereby the supplier undertakes to make available to the National Codification Bureau the technical data necessary to identify the contracted Items of Supply (technical drawings, specifications and related documentation) and, if necessary, to prepare the projects for their identification.

Specific technical documentation for codification is the set of documents, presented in the form of identification project (or another form presented in a contract), filled by the supplier, that contains the data necessary to establish the unique identity of an Item of Supply (name, set of criteria and properties defining it) Technical documentation is delivered on the basis of CCC or an equivalent contractual instrument (formal agreement) the provider undertakes to transmit to the National Codification Bureau the technical data necessary for the codification.

Information included within technical documentation:

The Codification Data Acceptance Certificate (CDAC) is the document issued by the National Codification Bureau to the supplier of items to demonstrate compliance with the codification contract clause in front of the contracting authority.

The codification data extracted from technical documentation is used in the NATO codification activity. Therefore, a unique NATO Stock Number (NSN) is assigned for each Item of Supply used by Ministry of National Defense.

Suppliers can not directly access the NSN codes in the national codification database. Viewing NSNs from the NATO Codification System involves accessing a subscription to NMCRL - NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics.

More information regarding codification data:

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