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Determination of the real source for an Item of Supply is one of the most important prerequisites for proper application of the Uniform System of Item Identification (STANAG No 3151). It is the source where documentation will be obtained from and its location normally gives advice for codification responsibility.

Although the NCS uses NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) codes principally to identify manufacturers, NCAGEs are broadly used in many countries in a variety of logistics processes.

The following types of organizations/functions are eligible for NCAGE Code assignment:

The NCAGE Code consists of five characters. For Romania the format is: #***L, where #=numeral, *= alpha/numerical.

Romanian NCB does not charge for the NCAGE assignment.

The NCAGE code is valid as long as the organizational entity does not change its identification data (name and unique identification code - CIF). When changing these data, the NCAGE code is cancelled, and it is necessary to resume the procedure for obtaining a new NCAGE code.

The timeframe for NCAGE assignment is between 3 and 10 working days.

Changing the other data (address, contacts, email, etc.) can be requested using the NATO Codification Tool webpage.

In order to update the NCAGE database, Romanian NCB will request at 2 year intervals the verification and updating of the data underlying the NCAGE assignment.

More details regarding NCAGE:

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