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National Codification Bureau (NCB)

Romanian NCB is the central operational structure assuring the national level management of codification activity for items of supply used in the Romanian Ministry of Defense and the management of national database with items of supply codified by Romanian NCB (FGA).

NCB provides the mandatory coding interface in Romania's relations with NATO member states or affiliated with SCN and represents the country in the Allied AC / 135 Committee.

NCB is the only national structure empowered to assign NATO Codes for items of supply manufactured in Romania (NATO Stock Numbers - NSNs) and NATO Commercial and Government Entity Codes for Romanian companies (NCAGEs).

For exercising the attributions of NCS management, NCB is empowered to issue specific rules and regulations.

The National Codification Bureau (NCB) has been set up under the direction of the Ministry of National Defense – Defence Staff - Logistics Joint Command. More details about our location and PoC can be found in the Contact section.






Deputy Director



NCB is organized into two modules: a management module (Codification Management Branch) and an execution module (Cataloguing Section).


Codification Management Branch:

  • Codification Management Office, is responsible for establishing national principles and procedures in accordance with NATO Codification System (NCS) procedures and for training the personnel involved in codification activity; for logistics interoperability; for providing information about the equipment used by military forces. This staff help define the functional requirements leading to systems changes and product development.
  • Cataloguing Tools Office , is responsible for the translation of the International Standards (to include ACodP-1, Item Classification (H2), and Item Name Directory (H6)); for the assignment of national NCAGEs and developing and maintaining the national entities database.
  • Information Technology and International Transactions Submodule: This department designs, develops, operates and upgrades the data system, which supports the cataloging process and the interfaces with other organizations.


Cataloguing Section:

This department actively applies the cataloging rules, researching, naming, classifying, and describing items of supply and assigning Nato Stock Numbers (NSN) to them. After NSN assignment it is their responsibility to maintain the cataloging records.

Products and services


NBC's products consist of databases resulting from the internal and international codification process related to:

  • National database with Items of Supply codified by Romanian NCB, representing the national database with items of supply having an NSN code.
  • Commercial and Government Entity Catalogue, representing the NCAGE database containing general identification data, contact points, and so on.

Based on HG 445/2003, NCB provides the following services:

  • Items of supply codification - assignment of NSN Codes
  • Assignment of NCAGE Codes for Romanian companies
  • Authorization of commercial entities to elaborate specific technical documentations
  • Receiving codification data, in accordance with the codification contract clause inserted in procurement contracts
  • Training services in NATO codification
  • Technical assistance

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